Monday, 22 May 2017

Final reflection - Ayesha Javaid

This is the final blog from me and there will be three things discussed in this blog:

  • Technical reflection
  • Team reflection
  • Personal reflection
Technical reflection
I was a part of the Face team. After all the research we decided to build the project on the Nextion LCD, deciding upon the hardware took us enormous amount of time as we researched about all the possible hardware that we can used to implement this project. Finally we selected Nextion LCD since the face was never built on LCD before so we had very little information on how the project will be implemented. Than there is an issue with the Nextion LCD, that the libraries for Nextion LCD are based on Arduino board not on Mbed board given the time that was left for us to implement this project it was impossible to write a library for Mbed board. So we had to implement this project on Arduino board and build a interface between the Mbed and Arduino so that vision team can send in the values to determine the face graphics.

Since the module is based on the Operating system so it was vital to implement the project using RTOS. Me and David were responsible for figuring out the operating system for Arduino board. Arduino boards are not made to be used for operating systems however the project like this can be implemented on Arduino using RTOS as there is no such a risk of killing someone. There is FREE RTOS library for Arduino board that was used for create Semaphores and memory pool. Then there was an issue with the Memory pool as the FREE function does not clear the memory this can be dangerous especially when you are not rewriting anything in the memory and expect it to output nothing as the data from memory has been cleared. So we dropped the plan of using memory and stick with Semaphores and Mutex.  

To conclude, the Nextion screen is made of machine interface not for face interface and the LCD screen got slower with RTOS so I won't recommend the screen to be used for the face again however can be used for other purposes. RTOS on Arduino has never been implemented in this module so it was good learning activity to do something that has never been done before and which might be used in coming years. 

I must appreciate the design of the motor team has came up with and Vision team for using OpenCV to track people, that works fantastically when put together. So well done to these two teams. 

Team Reflection
I was very happy with the team that I was in and we all got on very well with each other despite of the fact that most of the time there were issues arising in our project we all still were very clam and happily accepted the challenges that came across our way.

It's always fun to work with Jason, this wasn't my first team experience with Jason I had him for different modules in previous year and 3rd year project; where I had absolutely fantastic time of my college years. I absolutely love and adore the approach that he takes to teach student. 

Personal Reflection
I learned a lot about myself, before coming to college I use to hate team work as I didn't enjoy team working (Not to say I was bullied or anything like that I just didn't enjoyed!) but after coming to college it has been 5 years I must say I love team working all the credit goes to the class and people I have came across in WIT. I can get along with anyone as I accept the way people are, which is very good trait to have and also am very clam person in general which makes things easier to get along with other people.

The last thing I want to say in terms of the project there is saying that you learn more from failures than a success which is actually true even though things didn't went as we planned but I was still happy with whatever we have came up with. 

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