Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sprint 3 Terry [Need video of OBJ] Not complete!!!!!

Sprint 3. 


  • ·         Write Mbed code (Thread)
  • ·         Build mock up
  • ·         Get object detection in development
The vision Team developing with great progress. Some issues with serial write falling out of sync. This needs some looking at. Building the mock up was great hands on that I enjoyed. I built the first mock up with cardboard. This was an ok build, after a few tests the cardboard started to bend and crease in places due to the weight of the servos. This started to cause issues as the tilting arm was beginning hit of the lean arm as the lamp was changing position. New build required.

                                                                        Build #1.

Build #2

Object detection was completed by masking the video image (GREEN) and allowing the OpenCV to detect contours. This is shown below. Code located in GitHub.

VID HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was absent for part of the sprint. This caused a few of issues, consequently I felt we did not progress as much as we could have. I was told to take a break from coding for this sprint and build the mock up. This was intended to progress the Mbed’s system reading and response from the vision system. I’ve left the developing of this to the team, and counted down the hrs to jump back into developing the OpenCV object detection.
I have use 2->3hrs non-lecture time each week to develop things, this is a small amount of time to complete tasks. Tasks can be broken up into smaller tasks, the mock up cost 2 hrs of this. As the rebuild was done, with much better improvements to the structure of the Lamp. I believe the project only has a limited number individuals carrying out tasks offline. This has been the detriment to the final goal. At the end of each sprint I have planned what is possible and what is not possible in the short time I allocate. As the build took more time than required, I then added another 30 minutes to developing the code for object detection. I have asked myself some questions at the end of this sprint due to my frustration.

Am I over complicating this project?        No, the pool of skills we have at our disposal is immense.

Am I asking too much from others?          Maybe, this depends on the individual.

Have I contributed enough?                      Maybe, I have spoken ideas. Although the manner may not          have been correct.

Is there a lack of discipline?                      Yes.

Have I taken too much on?                       Yes, without this I don’t believe the vision progress would          be as far as now. I think I will let others take the lead on the        rest of the development now.

Am I happy with the overall project?       At this point it is unclear to determine the result. Yes the             position to complete the goals set is within reach.

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