Friday, 24 March 2017

Steppers to linear motion, ideas for the future teams (Anton)

Having Nema17 standar steppers is advantage because now lot of stuff fits with it pretty well. If somebody needs linear motion it's easy to buy extruder mount for 8-9 euro made from metal so it's solid:

This fits perfectly on the Nema17 type of stepper and doesn't require any other custom parts (no 3d printing involved),  Then it's easy to get cheap filament sample (PLA / ABS or maybe nylon):

And use this to create linear motion, this whole setup can be combined with bowden setup. Bowden extruders are in nutshell remote extruder, where the extruder can be 0.5m away from the hotend while the motion is transfered inside a tube. It's very similar to bicycle and break lines.

The bowden setup needs 2 mounts + nylon tubing:

And PTFE teflon (very low friction) tubing, or get whole finished setup:

Then if the motor has to be fixed somewhere and the original mounting holes are not enough there is lot of mounts avaiable on ebay:

Or even to mount multiple motors at the same time:

All these were primary designed to be used in DIY 3D printers, but nobody is stopping ye to do anything else with it.

Word of warning, you need to get matching equipment, if 3mm filament was acquired then 3mm bowden setup and tubing needs to match. I would probably recommend the 1.75 because I have feeling it could be more flexible and less prone to break?  There is so much to choose from that little caution needs to be applied when buying these to be sure the parts will match.

This setup is very similar to automotive aerial, but I have feeling this one is much cheaper and allows better flexibility, this was designed to move the filament very precisely while the automotive aerial has no notion of the position where it is. This has all the mouting holes and ebay full of suiting brackets to mount it everywhere and motors are meant to be used in general purpose DIY projects, while the aerial was for very specific purpose and using it for something else might show lot of complications and problems. And when the filaments breaks its cheap to replace while the plastic worm gear inside the aerial might give headaches.

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