Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Motors Team - Head Pan

Sprint 2 Update

The servo team now has a pan motion on the lamp head! WOO!

The servo was mounted with the following components:

  • To keep it in place:
    • 2 mounting bolts (for internal servo - at the back)
    • 1 stability screw (at the top of the lamp)
    • 1 servo connector
  • For the neck:
    • 1 servo motor connector
    • 4 screws
    • 4 nuts
    • 1 long bolt

Connections used

The neck was constructed using the long bolt as the main "bone" of the neck. A nut was threaded to the top of the bolt. The bolt was then placed through the bottom servo connector. Another nut was tightened at the bast of the connector to prevent it from moving.  The top servo connector was screwed into the drive shaft of the servo. Four screws were then used to connect the top servo connector to the bottom one. Another nut was threaded onto the "neck" bolt, just beneath the connector. The head was then attached to the lamp by placing it in the holder using a final nut as shown below.

Note: The neck bolt will be cut when the final head height is chosen.

Here's a video demonstration of the head pan working with the joystick on the mbed.

Below is the code for RTOS pan control using a joystick.

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