Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mechanical experiments (Anton)

Visiting DIY shops

I was just walking around in Woodies and Morris's diy if I will see something interesting and usable. And realised that if we ever want to apply a force on something which is rotated only on 1 axis then we can use hinges:

The lamp main mount has 1.2 - 1.3cm diameter, which could fit into 1/2" pipe, there are lot of pipes in woodies, 2m for steel is 9 euro. I will try to make dry mount from MDF or 3D print washer mount replacement just because I'm not sure that 1/2" if big enough. Have feeling it might be too tight by a 1mm.

Solution to communication problems

We had some issues as a team to communicate our ides to others, and there is nice software Algodoo which can be used to simulate the simplified version of the proposal which it makes easier to communicate to the others.

I have used Algodoo in a team before and it helped me showing why some aproach could work while proving some aproach most likely wouldn't. Saves time to make simple mockups before going full scale on the implementation. It's good to measure the work done by parts, to estimate forces included in the inner parts etc...
I don't even have words how much I like this tool, It is something I wanted for so many years and now it is here it works well and it's free.

Torque and angular acceleration

This might make most sense to our team, but others are welcome for the ride.

Torque = Radius * Force
But what is important that it works the other way as well:
Force = Torque / Radius

But now lets apply space technology and rocket science onto our lamps :) Joking beside I this video covered toque pretty well. Part where everything spins is not related to our project but still interesting while inertia is still applying to the project. I like that be accident I found a video where the Algodoo is shown for experiments.

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