Sunday, 12 February 2017

Terry O' Dempsey Bio:

Hi I'm Terry, originally from Dublin. I moved to Waterford ten years ago, working in pharmaceuticals. I was at a crossroad five years ago and asked myself what I wanted to do, I've always loved tinkering with electronics, this made my decision, so a BEng (H) in Electronics Engineering. What was I thinking!!!! It's four years later, I'm delighted with the decision I made.

I'm thirty now with two boys, I enjoy music, street art and the outdoors, treks with the family and dogs would be my favourite. Rugby is the family sport. The simple things are the moments you treasure later in life. My better half Ciara, is the ying to my yang.      

Developing my skills over the course, I decided my FYP would develop skill's in Instrument Control, using Open Source software. This strips back all the fancy over-layers applications use to a simple list of process needed to complete tasks. Working on placement gave me a real taste for wireless technology, this is an area I would like to be in my career. I started programming with Python in 2015, which I have favoured over all programming languages. I decided to take the Applied embedded OS module as it is a hands on approach to electronics, which one can see a final product at the end. I enjoy group work, although I can be stubborn. To complete anything big, teams are key.     


You get to live every day as a life, yet die once so:  Protect the pack, Teach the young. Demonstrate no fear, never back down and howl at a new tomorrow.   

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