Thursday, 9 February 2017

My bio- Hayden Smith

About Me
Hi my name is Hayden Smith and I am currently in the final year of  the BSc(Hons) in Applied Electronics course in WIT. I have always had a keen interest  in electronics from an early age from taking apart radios and computers when I was younger and then trying to put then back together, most of the time that didn't go to plan

Ideas on the project 
The lampbotics project will be one of the "moments" of the 5 years that i have spent studying electronics if they are done the way I think the team is capable of. The part of this project that i think will be the most import part is the interaction with the clients but if we are going to get the lamp's to be like "human"  and their emotions will have to have some flaws as being human is to essentially to be flawed no one is perfect and therefore the lamps should not be perfect. Each of the lamps should have different flaws to give each of the lamps its own characteristic and emotions and will it  make the project in my opinion. Otherwise it wont be a social robot but it will be more like a traditional robot

An idea that was discussed between my self and a colleague (Thomas Murphy) was  the  use speech recognition software that a lamp will do something out of the norm when a particular word or phrase is spoken say if the word "exam" was spoken the eyes would roll and a shake of the head or something to that effect. And other words could be introduced and what would make it to have this kinda like a bug in the system to not  one person knows them all then when they are have a conversation in the room and a word that is programmed in to the lamp an action will occur and this would bring another dimension to the lamp and make it more human in nature

An other idea is to have a shy lamp that if the client is new to the environment the lamp will always look away but when the client turns away from the lamp the lamp will then look at the back of the head and never look the client in the eye. Then you can have to complete opposite a very nosy lamp one that wants to look at everything that is going on and will always track the newest thing to go on in the room.

My Motto
My motto comes from and unlikely source but i think its a good motto to live by

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