Monday, 6 February 2017

Human emotions (Anton 1/1)


Eyes have a heavy impact on our subconsciousness, it was used very often to impact consumers feelings. Imagine Avatar movie with reptile eye's or Disney's mickey mouse with completely black / red eyes as rodent have. Giving objects or even alien lifeforms cute sad eyes of a puppy can make us feel more compassionate toward them. Wall-e used these to show lot of emotions. And our lamp shouldn't neglect this aspect of human psyche. The eye's are gate to our souls after all.

Other aspect the emotions is the feeling of a connection. When I watch this startled seal it kinda makes me wonder if the animals thing almost in the same way as we do. As he/she shakes it scares me and I jump as well, rush of adrenaline feels good. If it's not a threat then the adrenaline makes me joyful (kids could react to this well as well). And then realisation that we are done the same movements and that  we probably feel the same. In that moment in a some way I'm connected with this animal (and in general I should feel probably more happy and not afraid, which is our goal). Our lamps should have some of these human flaws implemented as well, it could make much better interaction. If the robot would be perfect, it would be sterile and boring. Implementing a flaw or two into them should make them more human like and more interesting. As with humans usually these imperfections are the things which makes us unique, beautiful and interesting.

When I watch boston dynamics videos, I have these mixed feelings, on one side the awe how well they make these robots and how perfect they can do the tasks, on other side the scary feeling that this is how the Skynet begins. Our lamp shouldn't be as the Boston Dynamics. Having flaws, character or even bit temper could remedy this. And they should be unique, one could day dream often and easy to scare, one easy to annoy (where it could refuse to follow you after while) and one could be a middle which can't be startled nor annoyed. This could mean that each one is unique and has a character.

Cozmos and eyes

I still can appreciate nice scripts and animation even when I disagree with the marketing claims where they try to over sell it as completely autonomous AI. Cozmos has very nicely done eyes animations synced with sounds. We could inspire us with some of them. I think 8x8 dot matrix displays will not be enough for this kind of level of control. If I understand it correctly they used Maya to animate them, seams to me overkill.

The eyes slightly remind of a pixel art animations, I like when arts are capable to do so much with so little pixel budget at hand. Even utilising something called sub-pixel animation:

If somebody in this project has artistic gift we could use their skill to animate few scripted eye animations. For me an ideal tool for the job looked like this:

It should be easy enough to have python script to export the GIF then into C lookup tables and flash them with the firmware into the mbed.

Startled animals

Probably majority of the following can't be applied to our project but still interesting Reddit thread. Even if we manage to copy 1 animation from the animals it could be pretty cool.

And then some other just for a good measure (maybe these are completely useless for the project, but I couldn't resist):

And I totally swear that I'm not watching these regularly into early morning hours.

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