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Sprint 3: Further Improvement Power Supply Board by Siang Wei Lee

Sprint 3: Further Improvement Power Supply Board by Siang Wei Lee

Team: Mechanical
Module: Power Supply
Author: Siang Wei Lee
Date: 22/05/2016

At last sprint, we had made some improvement on power supply board. As mentioned from this blog, the 5V voltage regulator which is used for the power supply of Raspberry Pi was overheating due to its high current flow. This might cause instability of power supply to whole system included Head and Arm Servo Control. Therefore, a new board design for only Raspberry Pi is needed to solve this problem instead of adding the heat sink to the original board. Below was shown that the schematic diagram for the power supply for Raspberry Pi and the component list:

3.3k ohms

10k ohms
1000u F16V

Schottky Diode
Step Down 5V Voltage Regulator
Bobbin Type Inductor
Murata 141045C
Resettable Fuse
Bourns 0.9A Radial Leaded

As the same way like sprint 2, we are going to insert all the components and solve all on a perfboard. Meanwhile, 2 output pins is designed for the power supply of 2 set of Raspberry Pi. The soldering board was shown below.

This board then is tested by using multimeter and it fully functioning. When it was connected with the 12V power supply, the output voltage for Raspberry Pi was exactly 5V. Most important for this board was the voltage regulator does not have any overheating effect. This is because we had used separate board for our project which is power supply board for servo control and also Raspberry Pi. Therefore, I, Filipe and QiChao were doing the fixed support stand for both boards and also the wiring connection. We have fixed each of them with certain function by using 9pin cable in order to prevent the misconnection of wires. QiChao was showing the 9pin cable wiring connection from his blog. Finally, the overall power supply board included stand and wiring cable shown as below:

Top view of power supply board whereas top board is used for Raspberry Pi and bottom board is used for Servo Control.

 Power supply for servo control

Power supply for Raspberry Pi

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