Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Final Sprint Reflection - William

Just 12 weeks ago we stood and had a few raspberry pis, cameras and a task to create a lamp-bot. Now we finally managed to create this lamp-bot as part of a team.

Personal Reflection
Personally I feel that this sprint had gone the best out of the three sprints. With the lamp starting to come together and everybody working closely as part of a team this sprint was by far the most enjoyable. Looking back to the beginning of the project there have been some major changes in terms of teamwork. At the beginning teamwork and communication were a struggle. As the 12 weeks passed on, especially after the first sprint, the teamwork obstacle became more of an easy challenge as everybody adjusted more to working as part of a team.
I also found that in this sprint there was a lot more of teams working together as this was bringing the final product to the table. This meant that stress levels were high at some points but everybody survived the hardest part and managed to get a final working product. The experience learned in this module shall stand to everybody in the class when it comes to working in the workplaces outside of college.
Technical Reflection
In terms of the technical side of the project, I have written a blog on the shape detect program which will outline the issues with nose and vision systems and how these issues were overcome in the final product. As a technical leader, I feel that Kamil has made the greatest impact as he managed to coach every person in the class to use the TVCS system. This allowed users to use a template which had a built in IPC system and also made the use of threads a lot easier for everybody. This template will make a huge impact for the next team to continue working on the project and with the tutorial available also it will be easily used for other projects.
Project Management.
This sprint saw a more management-enforced approach than previous sprints. This is because it was the final sprint and the team needed one or two people to take charge and direct where the project was to go. This was important as it introduced lot of organisation to the team and allowed the team to consult one or two people who were then able to communicate the information to everybody else on the team. The two leaders of the team for this sprint were mainly Luke and David who were always available to help calm any stressful situations and they also managed to communicate all needed information to everybody on the team.
Teamwork Reflection
I think, as a team, we can all say we’ve come a long way since the first week of the semester. At the beginning the thought was in everybody’s head of “how are we going to turn this into that”. Fortunately, after a few hiccups, everybody began to bond and work as a team, helping each other out. There were times in this sprint where it came to sitting back and watching others work away. This was mainly because it was a case of putting the pieces of the jigsaw together. As always, this is always a part of teamwork, people don’t have to work together 24/7 to work as a team, they just have to be available to lend a hand when it’s needed and also do their own bit. As we’ve learned from the beginning, The most important skill needed for a team to operate successfully is communication. Bad communication skills can drag a team to the ground before they even get to start the project. Fortunately, we improved greatly on our communication skills and the final team worked well together.

Final Reflection
Overall this was a great experience, as an elective module I am glad I chose it as it was a more hands-on module than any other final year module. We learned a lot from everybody in the class and have come a long way since January. Having a module where decisions were left 99% to the team gave everybody a taste of what being an engineer in the outside world is like and everything that was learned throughout the module will be a major advantage in the working world. I would Like to thank everybody in the team and Jason, It has been a pleasure working with you all

William Ryan

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