Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Final Reflection - Shaun Kavanagh

Final Reflection – Shaun Kavanagh

Technical Reflection:

The final sprint consisted mainly of putting all the work from the mechanical sub teams together on the project and fixing problems that had occurred in the previous sprint. A problem that occurred in sprint 2 was found to be a faulty servo, this was replaced and the pan and tilt servos worked as expected. The lift servo that was used to lift the head up and down was a larger servo, than the ones in the pan and tilt, and worked slightly different. This servo could move over 360 degrees. This proved to be problematic in certain instances that were discovered in testing. Instead of the servo moving clockwise, for example 45 degrees, it would move to the same position but in a counter clockwise movement, by 315 degrees. This was only discovered on demonstration day partly due to the servo was being shared with the BEng third years for use in their Self Drive Car. Since the motor was shared with another project class less time for testing was available. Had a longer time to test the servo been available it is likely that this fault would have been found earlier.

Personal Reflection:

I feel that this final sprint went the best of the three sprints. When it came to integrating all parts of the project together people on both teams appeared to be enjoying the sprint more than either of the previous. Since people were willing to help each other more this made it easier to ask for help if it was required and this lead to a reduction in stress among the teams. I think the sprint overall was a success as the embedded software part of the project was integrated with the mechanical aspect of the project. Both sides of the project, embedded software and mechanical, worked fairly well. Most of the parts that had been work on got implemented on the project but not all was successfully implemented.

Teamwork Reflection:

The team worked better together than in any of the previous sprints. Since we were integrating all the sub teams’ parts together the team worked together as a team instead of as sub teams. Every person on the team was willing to help everyone else on the team if they ran into difficulty.

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