Thursday, 19 May 2016

Final Reflection – Qichao Zhao

Final Reflection –  Qichao Zhao

In the final reflection, I will overview of personal reflection, technical reflection, teamwork, and project management will be introduced. 

Technical reflection
In the sprint 1, I have no idea about Raspberry Pi and how to use it. I spent a few weeks to learn how to use it. Then I was trying to paly sound on Raspberry Pi. I used Pygame which is a set of Python modules designed for writing games. This allows you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in the python language. I search it online and write the basic code for it. Finally, it was working perfect when I test it. In the sprint two, I join the mechanical group; I was working on power supply circuit board with Lee. The power supply board could provide different voltage to servo motor and two Raspberry Pi, which were around 7.4V and 5V respectively. At the beginning of this sprint, we finish the circuit design, we want to do it by PCB. Because some reason, we have to give up this plan. We were soldering the board by ourselves. But the chip was overheat result in Pi sometimes restart it. Then we solve this problem in sprint 3. One of  power supply board  for servo, another power supply board for two of pi. At the end of week ,  i also took part in making some cables for lamp. The cable could connect easily, it avoiding wires misconnection and disconnection.  

Personal reflection
During the last 12 weeks, I was very happy for our achievement. In the sprint 1, I was crazy about Raspberry Pi, I really want to know how to learn how to used it. When I finish the playing the sound part, I feel very good. In the sprint 2 and sprint 3, I spend a lot of time to design the power supply board and fix it. I never design the circuit by my self before. Although there were lot of troubles need to be overcome. When we finished it , I was very proud. I would like to thank everybody who helped me before.

Project Management
About the project management, because we had our own job in the sprint one , I talked not too much with my teammates. But we still use Gmail to share the codes.
In the sprint 2 and sprint 3, I discuss some issue about power supply every day. It was quite good. At the end of weeks, all of staff combines together, everyone working together. Comparing with pervious 11 weeks, I think that is the best moment.

Team Reflection
I was very glad to every teammate. In the sprint 1, me, the team called lamPi with Rob and Michael. At the first of weeks, we don’t know each other plus my English is not very well. I sometimes talk to the rest of teammates. Gradually, we communicate more and more. They help me a lot when I did sound part. We finished all of job before the end of sprint. At sprint 2 and sprint 3, I always talked with LEE before we started to do the work. Filipe is warm heart man. He sometimes gives some useful suggestion for us. We also help him to do the joint. At the end of sprint 3, all of mechanical people work together for making the cable. It was very good environment to learn some knowledge, talking is more important than do sometime by myself. Thank you for every one and thank you Jason for ordering the components of power supply boards.

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