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Final Reflection by Siang Wei Lee
Title: Final Reflection
Author: Siang Wei Lee
Date: 22/05/2016

Alright, here comes the end for our sprint and project. This post will talk about the review on personal, team, technical, project management reflection on this project of my own during past 12 weeks.

Personal Reflection
What I can conclude in this is I never get regret to join in this group. As this module allows me to work practically that I can use my study knowledge and then apply them into a real work. Although I have joined Mechanical team at most of the time, I also gain lots of knowledge in term of programming language. Python is getting famous and often used in real working environment. I’m grate that this course provided me to get more knowledge on Python during the 1st sprint. Besides, the group members are kind and willing to share the knowledge to each other. Without them, we won’t get this kind of big project done on time. It was one of the unforgettable moments where I study abroad in here and I would definitely introduce this course to my junior if they are interested. At last, I feel honoured to be one of the member and contributor in this group.

Technical Reflection
At the beginning of this module, I found that it is difficult for me as I have never learnt Python and Raspberry before. But this is not considered as an excuse, I had spent lots of time to invest into the knowledge of Python and Raspberry through internet and also from group member too. Once I find out all of this, it is really interesting stuff and I’m starting to like both of them much. This is because Python programs are typically 8-10 times shorter than C++ programs. For example, a Python programmer wastes no time declaring the types of arguments or variables, and Python's powerful polymorphic list and dictionary types, for which rich syntactic support is built straight into the language, find a use in almost every Python program. Besides, I have joined the Mechanical Group in order to build a power supply board for both servo control and Raspberry Pi with Filipe and QiChao. At the beginning, we plan to build a single board to fix both of them together. Yet, we have to change the initial plan that using separate board in order to get rid of the overheating effect that might cause the instability of the power supply. Although PCB board is much nicer and provide much better power for both servo and Raspberry Pi, we have to solder all the components that needed into perfboard due to shortage of time. And it was working perfectly at the end of this project. At the end of week, cable wiring was also implemented in order to avoid the misconnection of certain wires and provide better outlook for the Lampotics.

Team Reflection
During sprint 1, I was assigned to work with Phillip, David Filipe where our team name is “PI over four”. Each of them are great and helpful, but it’s too bad not everyone in our group are studying the same course; But this was not bad new, as each of our can sound out our opinions based on different study background so that we can give out more ideas and suggestions on our codes and programs. Besides, I have to say millions thanks to them for what they did for our team when I’m not available during sprint 1. For sprint 2, I was assigned to work on power supply for both servo and Raspberry Pi with Filipe and QiChao in Mechanical Group. We have our discussion and communication in class frequently with each other so that each of us will know how our works are associated together as one whole system. For instances, we have to know how much the voltage for both head and arm servo motor needed to activate before we started to design the circuit for output voltage. I was in same group in order to make further improvement on power supply board in sprint 3. I have to give my biggest respect to Filipe as he’s really willing to help me when I faced the problem in term of technical or knowledge stuff.

Project Management Reflection
As there are total 3 sprints during past 12 weeks, which means 4 weeks for each sprint. For every sprint, the project progression can be considered well managed. In the 1st sprint, as we had set the deliverable timeline for our work, David in Sound thread, Philip in Sight thread, Filipe in Servo thread and me in Multithread which was allocated at final week for sprint 1.In sprint 2, I was assigned in the power supply section in Mechanical group. As I couldn’t show up myself at early of this stage, Filipe and Qichao are helping me to design the schematic diagram and test the power supply board. Therefore, I was assisting to solder all the components into the board once testing procedure is successfully worked. For last sprint, I was responsible to design other power supply schematic for Raspberry Pi. QiChao was assisting me to test on the breadboard before implementing into real board. We have to done the schematic and testing and soldering at 1st and 2nd week of this sprint respectively as we planned. During 3rd week onwards, Filipe suggested that to implement the cable wiring in order to make the wiring look neatly.

Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all the members who contributed into this project. This project won’t succeed without each of you! Don’t forget to our greatest Marshall, Jason for his positive attitude showed to our work and supervision that truly helps the progression and smoothness of our Lampbotics.


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