Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sprint 2 - Reflections Qichao Zhao

Team:     Mechanical
Author:  Qichao Zhao
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Personal reflection

In this sprint, I was very enjoyable. At the beginning of this sprint, I was interested to do the base of lamp, because I had never made this before. But I found I cannot give much support. So I moved to power supply part. My background is Beng in Electronic Engineering, doing the board is not hard for me. This was my first time to design the circuit and implement the board. Designing board was not easy and it was new practice. I have learned some experience during this sprint. For example circuit design, layout capability. The power supply almost down at the end of sprint. Anyway, I was happy for this result.

Technical and Project management reflection

I was working on power supply circuit board with Lee in Mechanical group. The power supply board could provide different voltage to servo motor and two Raspberry Pi, which were around 7.4V and 5V respectively. At the initial plan, we want to make PCB when I finished test on breadboard. But when Lee finished power supply schematic diagram by eagle, someone we had to send all of components and diagram for a Limerick company to make PCB. We hope to finish this target before end of sprint. Consider the time limit; we change to plan which was soldering the board by ourselves. The basic flow chart about power supply was shown below. We almost finished the job successfully. there was small problem of regulator overheats still need to fix.
We did very well about project management, because we made plan at the beginning of sprint. Everyone had own responsibility and contribution for the power supply board.

Teamwork reflection:

In the last few weeks, I was satisfied with my teammates and work. All the people took part in and contributed some different ideas.  We talked to the rest of classmates in order to figure out how many PI and servo were connected to power supply board. They all would like discuss with us. Lee always hard working, he gave some good ideas and help me to test the board. Although Filipe was assigned in mid and bottom joint movement, he still help us a lot and showed some different opinions when we stuck at a problem. So we also help him to finish his tasks. We scoured and buffed gear and help him to test joint movement. Anyway, we would like help each other and it was good self-motivation and team working spirit.

Thoughts on next sprint

I talked about this question with my teammates previously. We will fix the overheat problem for power supply board. Maybe make a new power supply circuit board for only Raspberry Pi2 or servo. I think it only takes one week to solve this problem. If it was work perfectly, we will join someone who needs help in the rest of weeks.

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