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Sprint 2 Reflection by Siang Wei Lee

Sprint 2 Reflection by Siang Wei Lee

Team: Mechanical

Author: Siang Wei Lee

Date: 07/04/2016

Hello all, here were my reflections on sprint 2. Before talking on those reflections, I would like to my duty and responsibility on this sprint. I was working on power supply circuit board with QiChao in Mechanical group. While this power supply board is used to supply the voltage to both servo motor and also Raspberry Pi2.

Personal reflection & Technical reflection:

In this sprint, I have learnt that never always stick to the plan when there is deficiency. You gotta make another decision. This is because we are lacking of time to make the PCB, we have to send all the ready electronic components and schematic diagram to the company to make it, but it takes 2-weeks period. Therefore, we have decided to make our own board by hand soldering. This is quite tricky as you have to rethink that the allocation of each of the components in order to minimise the connection between them. Once you accidentally insert wrong polarity or misconnect another, it could cause faulty to the board and components. But at the last, we have successfully make it work.

Project management reflection:
The project management can be considered quite well. Each of us knows our duty and responsibility in Mechanical group. Whereas  QiChao and I were assigned in the Power Supply section in order to build up the schematic design of power supply for both the servo motor and Raspberry Pi2 in Mechanical Team. As I was not available to take part at early of this sprint, QiChao with the help of Filipe was designing and testing of schematic by using the breadboard. Once the testing part is successfully worked, I was assigned to build the PCB design. Due to the time shortage, we decided to change the plan that solder all the components into the perfboard based on the schematic diagram. We have our work not only in class time but also outside the class time as well. This is because it takes time to place each of the components carefully with correct polarity and arrange the allocation of the components in order to minimise the connection of circuit board.

Teamwork reflection:

In Mechanical group, we have separated as 3 parts: head servo control, arm servo control and power supply. We have our discussion and communication in class frequently so that each of us will know how our works are associated together as one whole system. For instances, we have to know how much the voltage for both head and arm servo motor needed to activate before we started to design the circuit for output voltage. Besides, Filipe is always with us when we are facing the problem. We also helped each other during the building of arm servo.  In short, I’m happy to work in this group because our team members are kind and helpful. 


Improvement on the next sprint

For next sprint which is final sprint, we are going to make a new power supply circuit board for only Raspberry Pi2. This is because when the circuit board is connected with both servo motor and Raspberry Pi2, the current needed is quite large and it will create overheating of voltage regulator and this will lead to unstable and sudden short.



By Siang Wei Lee       # 5

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