Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sprint 2 Reflection - Shaun Kavanagh

Sprint 2 Reflection by Shaun Kavanagh
Team: Mechanical

Personal Reflection:
For this sprint Michal and I were to implement pan and tilt motion to the lampbotics project. This included writing code for the servos to work and making brackets for the servos to be mounted onto the project. Part of the head had to be cut out and removed so that the pan motor could be inserted inside the head of the lamp. I think that this part of the sprint went well and the servos worked to an acceptable standard for this sprint but improvements in the movements must be made for the final sprint.

Technical Reflection:
Both the pan and tilt motions were implemented and working relatively well with good range of motion, however the movement of the pan and the tilt was not smooth and consistent instead was a bit too sudden from a start position to the finish position. The tilt range of motion was approximately 80 degrees and the pan range of motion was approximately 170 degrees. Delays in the program and movement of the servo motors also occurred. The servo used for tilt showed signs of being over driven and under pressure. Too much heat was being produced within the servo and in certain low positions the head could not return to an up position without some help from the operator applying a small amount of force to the bottom of the head.
I feel that the issues that occurred with the motors can be resolved and fixed as the problems are mostly coding issues. The movement of the tilt could be improved by using a larger servo that we have to replace the servo that is currently being used. This should also eliminate the over-driven servo problem. The pan servo has proven to be capable of rotating the head without generating too much heat so that servo can be left as it is and used for the next sprint.

Team Reflection:
I think Michal and I worked well as a team and accomplished the task we set out to do with some refinement and fix’s to do for the next sprint. Michal wrote the original servo control code and we modified parts of the code to get the motors to run smoother. We had to mount the motors to the project using brackets that we had. I modified a bracket to mount the pan motor in the head, this included shortening a bracket, putting two 90 degree bends in it to mount to the existing bracket inside the head.

Project Management:
The project was managed by having dividing the all the members of the group into two teams, mechanical team and an ESD team. These teams were further divided into smaller teams / groups for specific tasks. I think this strategy work fairly well as most aspects of the project advanced forward as groups were not waiting and depending on other groups to finish their work first in order to continue on to their own tasks.

Next Sprint:
Michal and I have fixes and refinements to do for the next sprint such as replacing the current tilt motor with a larger motor to increase smoothness and usability. An RPI servo hat will be implemented in to project and code will need to be produced for this to work with the project. We will also need to modify the servo code so it can be implemented with Kamil’s thread code.

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