Friday, 18 March 2016

Sprint 2: PCB Power Supply by Siang Wei Lee

Sprint 2: PCB Power Supply by Siang Wei Lee


Team: Mechanical

Module: Power Supply

Author: Siang Wei Lee

I was included in the Power Supply module in Mechanical Team. In this team, we are divided into 3 parts: Power Supply, Head Servo Control and Arm Servo Control. QiChao Zhao and I were going to build up the schematic design of power supply for both the servo motor and Raspberry Pi. As we can see, we have 7.4V for Arm Servo and 5V for both Head Servo and Raspberry Pi. Once QiChao completed the testing of circuit on breadboard, I had to draw the actual power supply schematic diagram by using eagle in order to make PCB. The diagram below was schematic for the power supply before converting into PCB:

Note that the 12V voltage is supplied to the input of LM1085 and LM2576 while the output of LM2576 which is 7.4V is supplied to the input of LM7805. Both LM1085 and LM7805 are positive voltage regulators with output value of 5V, in order to supply the voltage for Raspberry Pi and Head Servo Control. LM2576 is step-down switching regulator where the output is used for Arm Servo Control.  The final PCB schematic diagram was showing as below: 

The PCB diagram is now ready for printing and process for real PCB board. At last, thanks for Filipe’s guidance in order to help to simplify the PCB diagram as shown above.

By Siang Wei Lee      # 4

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