Saturday, 19 March 2016


For sprint 2, I was tasked with designing and building a base for the Lampbotics project, which will contain all the electronic and mechanical components required for the lamp. The base has now been built, and bar a few small jobs to do on it (hinge for a door, cut hole in top for lamp to fit on and spray base black), I am quite happy with the end result. Building of the box was relatively easy with only a few head scratching moments (Damn you composite angles!). Also in retrospect I should have routed out for the screen before I cut the angles on that piece (Could not use guard for router to ensure straight cuts, so had to freehand it!). The three holes for the speaker turned out well and provide simple access to speaker controls (two holes where speaker themselves are will be meshed with black mesh or something similar). Below are some pictures of the base (I did not think a video would serve much purpose instead of pictures):

From building the base I learned that the mechanical team was not really cohesive. For example, I only learned a couple of days ago that no servo for rotation of the lamp was going to be used, which was a shock if I am honest. This screwed up my plans for mounting lamp and I had to revise exactly what way it would be done. Also, I was unaware that the servos required cutting out of the side of the box instead of out of the top, so I have not cut for these until other team members have made a final decision on what way they want things inside the box. Communication was definitely lacking on the mechanical team, but hey we have a kickass base to work with! :)

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