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Sprint 1 Reflection by Siang Wei Lee

Sprint 1 Reflection by Siang Wei Lee

Team: PI over Four

Author: Siang Wei Lee

Date: 14/3/2016

Hello guys, sorry for not able to post this on time as I went back to my hometown for preparation of my sister’s marriage. Instead of saying sorry to my group teammates who are Filipe, David and Philip, I have to pay my biggest respects to them for what they did for our team when I’m not available for past few weeks.

Technical reflection:
Like what Philip mentioned on his post, each of us has our own task for sprint 1. I was doing the combining of their threads which is called multithread ing order to run their thread concurrently. I had faced the problem in combining 3 threads together. As Python programming language is quite new for me, I have spent some time to learn the basic of it in order to manage the advanced function. Due to the shortage of time, I’m not able to do it on time. Thanks to my team mate Philip, without his guidance I afraid I could not make it. Besides, we faced the obstacle which is the multithread of sight and sound thread with servo motor thread. The face detection could become unstable when combining with the servo motor. With the proposal solution of David, the issue is solved.

Personal reflection:

In this sprint, I have learnt another new programming language which is python. As I mentioned from above, it is quite new and challenging to me as I have never learn this before. What I need to do is to learn it by myself through the information from some useful tutorial websites. Besides, my group teammates are kind and willing to share their knowledge to me when I facing difficulties. In addition, this sprint provided me some basic and idea to get more familiar and improvement on our Lampbotic Project.

Project management reflection:
The project progression can be considered well managed. In the first sprint, as we had set the deliverable timeline for our work, David in Sound thread, Philip in Sight thread, Filipe in Servo thread and me in Multithread which was allocated at final week for sprint 1. As I need all the threads finish in order starting to combine them together, I had assisted with some work with Filipe in his servo thread in week 2 during the class. As he used separate XMOS board to handle this part, it was not easy and took lots time by himself.

Teamwork reflection:

It was my honour to work with my group team mates in sprint 1. They are great and helpful, but it’s too bad we are from different study courses; each of us will only have meeting and discussion together during the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday classes. It was hard to arrange our time to have extra meeting outside the class time due to different timetables.




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