Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Power supply circuit

Team:     Mechanical
Author:  Qichao Zhao
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In the last sprint, I finished the sound part and research some servo hobby. In this sprint, all of classmates were divided to 2 groups that were Mechanical group and ESD group. I picked the Mechanical group for this sprints because I did some software in the last sprint. My mainly job is build up power supply circuit. The reason why we build up the circuit is that servo need suitable voltage, we have to using this circuit to turn down the value of voltage from power supply to servo.  
The power supply circuit as shown below and we bought some components on the rs-online website. In the circuit, The LM2576 of regulators is the key element, it provide all the active functions Versions for a step-down switching regulator, capable of driving 3A load with excellent line and load regulation. These devices output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12Vand an adjustable output, those characteristic was benefit for this circuit.

Embedded Switch Mode Power Supply
tracopwer 25W, 12V dc, 2.1A
LDO Voltage Regulator
exas Instruments LM1085IT
NOPB Step-Down Switching Regulator 
Schottky Diode
ON Semi 1N5822RLG
Leaded Inductor
Murata 100 μH ±10%
 Resettable Fuse
Bourns 0.9A Radial Leaded PCB 
resistor 1
2.2K ohms
resistor 2
11K ohms
capacitor 1
100u F
capacitor 2

The website for power supply components

here are some methods for power supply. First, all of components were set up on the breadboard. The circuit was connected together, and then we used ETS-5000 Advanced Digital Training System to provide voltage for circuit and 11W wire wound resistor 15 oms was connected to output. Finally, the voltage always below nominal voltage when we test it by multimeter. There was one thing should be attention, the resistor was very hot if the circuit on for long time.

For the next part, we are plan to redraw the circuit on the software. LEE wants to help us to do the software part, we will do that together I will design and make a PCB board when he finish software part. I really appreciate Filipe designing and testing the circuit with me. He helped a lot this time.   I am glad to finish this part,I will some update for this circuits.

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