Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mechanical System Design and plan

Team: Mechanical

As a team we are responsible for the movement and packaging of the LamPy, we have identified 4 main areas/tasks to be completed and members of the team either volunteered to do some task or were assigned a task if they had no preference, we are in second week of this sprint and reality is that most people have migrated/shifted to other tasks, while maintaining focus on the task they are responsible for - this is really great and brings collaboration in the team and brings new ideas is someone is stuck on a particular problem (Shaun was great help to me on the pan/tilt movement - thanks). Main issue with mechanical side is that we can't really have a bad prototype - time needed to bring an idea to life and hardware costs are very limiting factors, this is the reason why we have carefully planned and discussed potential solutions within the team as well as consulted with members of EDS team, we are confident that chosen solutions will work but having sprint 3 to improve/fix makes it little bit less stressful.
Tasks were assigned in a following way:
  • Head pan and tilt: Michal, Shaun
  • Mid and bottom joint movement - Felipe
  • Custom built power source - Louis and Lee
  • Enclosure box - Joe

We plan to have most of it done this week, this way we will have most of the following week to fix and finetune so we are ready for integration with EDS.

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