Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Head Design

Team: Mechanical
Author: Michal Ogrodniczak
Post 2.1

Tilt plan:
Done in Google Sketchup (30day trial) found lamp and servo models, ( 3d model attached to the post)
  • servo attached to the lamp arm
  • an arm on the servo connected with line/rubber band with lamp head
  • moving servo will pull up/release lamp head
Done to day:

Even though it looks like prime example of redneck engineering - it seems to work, servo doesn't slide on the arm and seems stable enough and lamp linkage is able to fully close..

  1. Attach arm
  2. Cut notch in head’s stand to prevent pulling on the string while panning
  3. Devise some ‘slider’ for the string on the contact point with lamp

Pan plan:
Similar design as last year’s:
  • Servo inside head housing
  • Servo attached to the head
  • Servo pushing itself around fixed axis, causes head movement
Done to day:
  1. Shorten that black plastic
  2. Flatten original head stand so the aluminum bearing assembly sits flush against the plastic
  3. Cut the head to and mount servo  ( O_O )
  4. Get rid of cable ties and use nuts and bolts

09/03 update
I've replaced original head stand yoke and replaced it with a bolt - this allows me to secure it in order to prevent it from sliding left/right inside the head hinge/swivel, After bit of drilling and boring it also allowed me to achieve perfect fit between the aluminum servo fitment and plastic panel. I am very happy with the result and I will update this post with accurate picture.

3d Sketchup model

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