Thursday, 17 March 2016

board for power supply update

Team:     Mechanical
Module: Power Supply
Author:  Qichao Zhao, Filipe and Siang Wei Lee

We had done the software part for power supply circuit which is the schematic and PCB design last week. In this week, we was planning to make the PCB board. But we could not find the material for PCB board in this college. We have to deliver all of components to a limerick company to do it, but the board could not finish at the end of sprint. After having the discussion on this issue, we decided changed the plan by using the fundamental way which is hand soldering all the components into the perfboard. Due to the limited size of perfboard, each of the components have to be placed carefully in order to minimize the connection between each of them. The soldering board was shown below.

Therefore, we have to test it by using multimeter and it worked perfectly. When it is connected to the 12V power supply, it provided 5V and 7.4V for raspberry pi and servo motor respectively. At the same time, the 5V voltage regulator was overheating. In order to cooling it, we will then set up heat sink for that voltage regulator. 

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