Thursday, 10 March 2016

Base Design for the Lampbotics Project

Base Design for the Lampbotics Project
Team: Mechanical
Author: Joe Tubbritt 20048062
Designated task: Enclosure box/base for lamp

For sprint 2, I plan to design and build a base for the lampbotics project. This base will will be designed in such a way that it can contain all the electronics and mechanical components required for the sprint, along with allowing portability of the lamp. The base design I have chosen is shown below:
As can be seen in the picture above, the base is of a rectangular shape with a bevelled top section. The base will be made out of wood, but other materials can be used. The bottom of the lamp will be inserted into a hole cut into the flat section on the top of the base. The exact location of this has yet to be determined. As part of the construction of the base, woodworking skills I have acquired throughout the years (working with my dad every summer etc), I am fairly confident that the design can be built.

An interesting feature of this design is that the LCD screen that the ESD team are planning to use can be mounted on one of the bevelled sides, as seen below:
The LCD screen will be inset on one of the bevelled edges as seen above, with a slot cut through the base to allow for connectors to be connected to the screen etc.

An important consideration for the base is to determine where the speaker that is going to be used for sound is to be located. The current plan is to cut a slot along one side with the speaker facing outwards. This will allow the lads to be able to turn up volume, press buttons etc.

The weight of the base has to be taken into account also,. If the base is too light, when the lamp is moving, a possibility of tipping over is a very real chance (especially with added weight to the lamp i.e. extra hardware etc). So some means of ensuring a suitable weight will be consider either through adding a weight (of some kind), or possibly by the weight of materials used.

As for the internal configuration regarding power supplies, Raspberry PI’s, servos, etc, this will be determined after the sides and top section have been built. By not putting a bottom on the base, the lads can show where they want each base component to go, allowing for design and reshuffle if necessary. The base will also be spray painted black to match the colour of the lamp, rather than a wooden finish.

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