Monday, 22 February 2016

Sprint 1 reflection, Shaun Kavanagh

  • Sprint Reflection:

Sprint 1 was using a Raspberry Pi to implement a pan and tilt controlled by servos and a camera.  Python is the programming language used to control the raspberry pi and OpenCv was installed on the Pi. A vision system to detect a face with fixed positioned camera and move the servos as to follow the face. While the face was being tracked when the motors moved a sound will play.
The objectives were successfully completed for sprint 1 however problems were found within the system. The main issues were jitter in the servos while stationary, when the servos were moving this jitter was reduced. The sound when the motors moved worked well and didn’t have any major issues arising.
The servos movement was slowed down slightly so they moved one degree at a time this was done to smoothen the transition of the servo from one position to the next. The time taken per degree is 40ms, this helped with motor transitioning and reduced jitter will the face was stationary.

  • Project Management Reflection:

The project was managed well and good communication took place between the team. Meetings between the team happened most days during the weeks and these meetings were successful and very productive.

  • Teamwork Reflection:

The team worked well together communications took place over email and meetings to show the progress of the project happened on most days over the sprint 1 period.

  • Personal Reflection:

I completed my task of getting the servos to work and tried to help my team members with what I could during the meetings. The servos work relatively well and smoothly except for the large amount of jitter that took place when the servos should have been stationary.

  • My thoughts on the next sprint and teams:

I think all the teams worked well and leaving them as teams could work for the next sprint but with the teams sharing their understanding, problems that occurred and solutions for the problems they solved with the other teams would lead to higher levels of understanding and learning as well as further progress taken place.

Shaun  Kavanagh blog #2

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