Monday, 15 February 2016

Sprint 1 reflection,Qichao Zhao

Team:    QRM, LamPi
Author:  Qichao Zhao
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For this sprint 1, I was worked with sound, Michael did face detection by open cv up and, Rob had the work with the servo’s at first. Then the servo control code, audio code and vision code was brought together using threads by Michael. For my part, it I think it is quite easy. When the sound was initialized, it can be start and stop only two lines codes. In the the servo thread, volume control was added.  During this period, we also did some servo hobby. we had problem with servos don't give any feedback and we can’t control speed of the servo movement. We tested it together and I was tried to build ADC on raspberry pi. But we don’t need that any more. Now , we have new solution which made raspberry pi work. Now, I think we were successfully completed for Sprint 1 in my team.
Here are demo codes:

Personal reflection

For the first sprint, I felt very well. My background is Beng in Electronic Engineering. I am not very good at software. But I am interested in Raspberry Pi gradually. I learned how to use Raspberry Pi and Python. I was very happy When I first time to write programmed and paly the sound.
Because I never do the teamwork project, I always very quiet in the team. Although they all very nice, I not sure how to talk with my teammates. In the following weeks, I get familiar with my teammates. I should give more thoughts and contribute more things for my team. Talk with other group lads is not bad idea; they give me some sprint for the project.

Teamwork reflection
In the last few weeks, I was satisfied with my teammates and work. All the people took part in this Raspberry Pi and contributed some different ideas. Michal showed lots of ideas about Raspberry Pi for this project. He always knew where we are and what we have to do for the next sprint. I think should become a leader in my team. Robert is very nice guy; he taught and explained some codes for me. Usually, we talked to each other by message and email. We shared some codes, information and documents for open discussion on google drive, which is a good stuff and it is very handy.

Project management reflection

At the beginning of the weeks, different teammates pick aspect of the system; I was focus on sound sprint. When we finished won job. Michael did the most rest of work. He organized us and using his experience in computing. He also provided a source of feedback for other team members. In my team, we have good habit that is contact each other very often. When someone cannot show up , he will tell us and explain the reason  in advance.  It is good for team to arrange work when we lost a man.

Thoughts on next sprint

I talked about this question with my teammates previously. We all think collaboration between all teams. Someone who interested in same topic should work together for the next sprint.

We should pay more attention to the robotic lamp. Maybe each team focuses one demo lamp improvement as the next sprint. I also think we should get lamps soon as possible. Because we can base on the real lamp to see how the lamp will work.

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