Monday, 15 February 2016

Play sound on Raspi 2

Team:    QRM, LamPi
Author:  Qichao Zhao

At the first three weeks, I was focus on how to play sound on Raspi 2. Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games. This allows you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in the python language. I just wrote the basic code and make sure codes could work.

The website about pygame installation guide here: When I tries to install pygame, I met some errors and it were fixed by the website

import pygame.mixer
from pygame.mixer import Sound

# different SER.Setup corresponding to different servo 
SER.Setup(1, SER.IN)
SER.Setup(2, SER.IN)
SER.Setup(3, SER.IN)
# initialize the mixer module

while True:

if (SER1 == True):
 SER = Sound("sound1.wav")
#prevent servo need some delay
sleep (0.1);  

if (SER2 == True):
 SER = Sound("sound2.wav")
#prevent servo need some delay
sleep (0.1);  

if (SER3 == True):
 SER = Sound("sound3.wav")
#prevent servo need some delay
sleep (0.1);  
# stop playback of all sound channels

When I first time to test it, there were no sounds here. Then I found The Raspberry Pi has two audio output modes which is HDMI and headphone jack. we can switch between these modes by amixer cest numid =3 1 it was work but some noise here. The pygame cannot play mp3 file, so I have to download wav sound file instead of mp3 file.
When I turned up volume of sound, it was no noise. It is good topic for further work.

During the last three weeks, I learned some basic operation for Raspi 2. I was very glad to cooperated and talked with team members. They were very friendly.

In the following weeks, I am plan to Sounds effects to play over the movements, Threaded class with play() and stop() method and Extend threaded class so it can modulate sound depending on servo movement distance.

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