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The Importance of Good Communication in Teamwork

Communication is one of the most important skills needed in industry and in the world for everything to operate correctly. For a team to operate at an efficient pace with the work being completed correctly the team must communicate at all times. There are many different communication mediums, these being written communication, verbal communication, visual communication and communication through body language. The four methods listed are the most used methods of communication with each method having a different level of recognition. 

                The most widely known method of communication is verbal communication. This is the basics in everyday operations with meetings and presentations operating mainly around speeches from the presenter. However, the four different methods are usually identified together. Written communication usually stands alone in terms of letters and emails, in practice this is the most official method of communication as there is always copies to hold as proof that the communication was made. Visual communication can be used to portray things that would be difficult to explain without pictures or graphs, charts or maps. 

                People can display different emotions through body language which will usually be noticed through the method of verbal communication. It can very often be seen that a person may be annoyed, distracted or upset by something through their body language without them needing to admit that anything may be bothering them. Saying that, it is also very easy for a person who is reading body language to identify something communicated incorrectly. An improvement of communication in this case would avoid the confusion that may be caused in the first place. 

                In terms of communication in teamwork, it is usually the best communicator who ends up keeping the team motivated and keeps the work rate at a level pace. If a team has a high level of communication it will result in the team working together without the need for a leader and it results in a high level of satisfaction in all team members. After all, the quickest way to learn is to ask somebody who knows rather than struggling to find answers where they may not exist.

Benefits of Good Communication in teamwork

  • Everybody knows what everybody else is doing
  • Work can be completed in parallel allowing work speeds to be faster than they would without communication
  • Problems can be solved faster as someone’s problem may fall underneath another team member’s strengths
  • Money can be made at a faster pace when the communication is happening in a business environment. This is due to the increase in work efficiency resulting in work speeds increasing.
  • A greater sense of achievement can be felt by team members as they help each other out. This results in an increase of employee motivation and a better functioning team 

Consequences of Bad Communications in teamwork

  • One job ends up being done multiple times as each team member may not know what work is being done at any time

  • Team members may become unmotivated with problems as without the help of other team member’s help with difficult problems

  • Increase in the amount of errors made by employee’s that may not be made in the case of good communications. This results in work having to be re-done and everything having to be checked. With an increase of communications, the instructions would be understood to a greater capacity allowing the team to be more innovative

  • Due to deadlines having to be met, a lot of pressure could be laid on a single team member as they may feel that they will be solely responsible for the tasks not being completed. This can result in that team member having breakdowns and may even result in depression from a lack of employee enthusiasm.
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