Monday, 18 January 2016

Sprint #1 : Together + RaspberryPie + openCV + Threads + Servos

Hello All, 

Brilliant Bio information, really helps to get to know each other :-)

Lots of good things both technical and interpersonal....some laugh out loud moments for the motto's !!!

Ideas for moving project forward,
Stand alone unit, improved servo movement including inverse kinematics, on-board camera, motion detection, allow people to program the robot, 360 vision, , base rotation, walking !!!,

Improved interaction including sounds and speech recognition....just more personality really.

Plays music, dictionary function, photo taking , hand gestures, human sounds, yawns, grunts. Larger lamp, different lamp

Light functionality , breathing light.

We need a name !!!! :-)

So lets get going.

Applied operating systems
The module requires us to work with applied operating systems and be team based after that its up to us.

To cover the technical learning required for the op systems..everybody should understand and apply the following elements to the overall design.

  • Multi Tasking (threads)
  • Inter Process communications (IPC)
For me these are the key elements for any operating system based approach. So please keep this is mind, that design is required to demonstrate these elements!!!

First Sprint (3 weeks)
The first sprint requires each team to demonstrate the following.

Raspberry Pie running open CV with on board camera, controlling servos
Simple vision system interactions to control a pan and tilt servo mechanism.
Sounds effects to play over the movements.
Design must include Threads and IPC.

The Plan ..."Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." - Abraham Lincoln

To start with each team should take time to decide what they will do, how they will do it, then from this make a list of jobs and timelines and then assign out the work to the team members. 

This is an important element of the sprint, please take time to think about this and then upload a blog entry for end of business this Friday with your plan.

Please include
  • Team Photo
  • Design overview...diagrams always nice..inspirations..stuff that helps
  • Tasks to be complete
  • Timeline
  • Task assignment
Note: your are all in this together, people have different strengths and weaknesses...boring if all the same..investing time with a team mate is a great thing to do :-)
Dont expect everything/everybody to be brilliant. This is not how project works :-)

Best of luck 

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