Friday, 15 January 2016

Short Intro - Ian Murphy

No interesting pictures so this will have to do, sorry.

Info on me

Hi, my name is Ian Murphy. I'm currently in the fourth and final (whoop!) year of a BSc in Applied Computing, in second year we are given the choice of picking a stream in a particular area and I chose to go with the Embedded stream. Which looks at the design and implementation of software on embedded systems.

Technical Interests

My main interest is in the design and implementation of software, well more the implementation part, with a particular interest in the software used inside of cars. I'm also interested in robotics but until now we haven't been exposed to any of that so am looking forward to getting some hands on experience with that.

What I bring to the Team

I think that being from a different course is the main thing I could bring to a team, as a computer science student I may think about problems in a slightly different manner than the lads in the engineering courses. I have done many projects throughout college using Java and have used other languages like C and C++ in other modules and can pick others up fairly easily.


Could be summed up by "A lot done, a lot more to do". Movement of the lamp is clunky and should be smoother, the video of the lads getting it to look at them is a perfect example of how the movement is just a bit off. Sound could be another improvement but shouldn't be as obnoxious as the sound that was shown in the Titan robot video, could be a case for this project where less is more. The lamp should also interact with people more, maybe sensors so the lamp knows it's being touched or perhaps some microphones to give the lamp a command.


Better Eyes The eyes should be more emotive and appear to be natural in their movement.
Voice Commands Allow users to issue voice commands to the lampbot
Move Probably a bit much for this iteration but it would be nice see the bot moving, could use the previous idea of voice commands to issue a 'follow' command to the lamp and it would try to follow the user. If it was to be placed on a table then the bot would follow until it reached the end of the table and would appear disappointed that it cannot follow further.


Stop whining and get on with it.

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