Friday, 15 January 2016

Qichao Zhao

My name is Qichao Zhao, BENG (hons) in electronic engineering student. I am from China, this is my fourth year in WIT.
About technical interests, I am interested in some electronics product with special design and advanced function, which make the life handier. Recently, I was starting to focus on robotics area. I am better at hardware skills than software. But, I have confident to design a smarter application of lampbotics by some programming in this semester. I believe I will get improvement from programming skills.
About the teamwork, I had internship experience and team project experience in the college. I did the part of advanced multifunctional bridge with racing in mbed. I was worked in the hardware factory for six months, I also can bring my hardware skills like the soldering technique to the team.
When I looked through last year Lampbotics project, I have some ideas to improve an intelligent lamp. I was thinking we can try to add an ambient light sensor to control the intensity of light. With the intensity of the environment light, the Lampbotics will adjust the light of a lamp. The improvement not only saves the power but also protects the user eyesight. In addition, we also can set the intensity of light according to the user position. When the user is working in some places where far away from the Lampbotics, it will give a better light. Those inspirations from the mobile phone, the screen of the phone can adjust the brightness of light depends on the environment of light.

Another idea about Lampbotics is breathing light. We can add a breathing light to know whether the Lampbotics is connected to the power. It was more humanization design and it is a good decoration. This inspiration is from the some electronic devices. This technique is widely used in phone, computer and mouse keyboard.
the inspiration of lampbotics from luxo jrpixar. it is American computer animated short film.

Motto: just do it!

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