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My Short Bio - David O Mahony


Bit of info on my self

Hello my name is David O Mahony and I am in my final year of college. I completed my work placement in analog devices in the test and evaluation department were I worked in a group to complete objectives with strict dead lines. I am an out and out nerd with interests in video games, comics and general science fiction.

Technical interests

I am interested in building strange and interested things. I have an enthusiasm to work with new hard ware and learning new soft ware.

What I bring

I have experience working on team projects in college and in industry. I have worked on robotics projects that contained a mix of hard ware and soft ware.  I am enthusiastic and a hard worker willing to put in the necessary work.

Sample of some projects I have worked on include:
·         Bengie (creating a user interface in VB6 to control all function on the robot and relay all information to the user from cameras and positioning).
·         An emergency stop system for high voltage testing meeting current standards for industry.
·         Currently working for final year project of an application of smart system using IOT.

Reflection on lampbotics

This project is starting its third year this means that there is a well developed plat form on which to build on. The project is interesting as it bring the challenge of creating a robot from a lamp whilst keeping the lamp as stock looking as possible. This can be a challenge as parts to be added can be bulky such as motors and can take away from the lamp appearance. I am looking forward to working on this project and seeing on how I can improve the current system and where it can be taken.

What could we add change improve on

·         Make the lamp bots work as a lamp, can do this by using led color change bulbs that’s can be controlled by the raspberry pi and other controllers. This brings back the functionality of a lamp and color change could become a way to represent the mood of the lamp to show reaction to the environment.

·         Something that would be worthwhile to change is the set up such that a table is no longer needed and that the hard ware is all contained with in the lamp. This can be done by using smaller micro-controllers and a larger base for the lamp. This means that the lamp would be easier to demonstrate as the lamp unit would contain all that it needs.
·         Also a larger lamp would allow for more space and a greater overall effect as it would be visually more striking. With a larger lamp we have more space for motors and would be easier for them to blend in. while the sting method of moving the lamp up and down works it seems like it is likely to get caught on things and thus hinder the movement of the lamp. Thus with a larger lamp the motor method on the joints would be ideal and hidden easily.

·         to give the lamp more life sound effects for its movements I propose to use the sound effects that Pixar employs in there videos. This would involve slicing out the sound effects and playing them back to match the robots movements.

Ideas for lampbotics:

·         Bring interactive abilities to the lamps to play games such as Simon says and rock, paper and scissors.  This would rely on cameras and microphones to pick up inputted commands and decide on an action.

·         Interact to played music such as move to the beat and analyse the frequency of the notes for different movements. The louder the music the higher the position the lamp will take. This system could make the lamps more interactive as they could interact with people clapping or whistling thus being ideal for demonstrations. This might be affected negatively in loud environments.


If at first you don’t succeed, drink ten cans of red bull and try again.

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