Friday, 15 January 2016

Kamil Mech, Bio


 This is me at 4 am. My motto is: "Why sleep, if You can get the work done".
My second motto: "Failing is part of succeeding".

I am an Applied Computing Year 4 student, currently employed by Nearform - an elite Node.js company. My biggest achievement there was working on the official Coderdojo website in a large, worldwide-distributed team.
I have a decent experience in the web industry and in game development. I know a number of OO languages and at this point most of new ones look the same to me. My personal favourite is Node.js, because it lets you get your hands dirty really quick. Also its difficulty made me see other languages as easy.
My final project consists of creating a VR game with Oculus Rift and Leap Controller, in which the player will be able to use telekinesis with their real head and hands.
I want to earn for life by making other people feel good. Either by making their lives easier with tools or making them content with entertainment. I also like the idea of being able to change anything and everything in life with a bit of hardware + software. It's something similar to being like a God. You think of it and it happens.


All sorts of technology both in hardware and software. Robotics, VR and tactile feedback are my current biggest fascinations. Mechatronics sounds really cool.
I like to create things. Anything and everything. The more visible my work is, the more fun I have doing it.
Apart from technical stuff - I like languages, games, oriental culture, all sorts of creativity and a range of electronic music genres.

Benefits for team

I can code, come up with ideas and have positive attitude. I have very limited engi-mechanical knowledge, but I learn very quick.

Reflections on Lampbotics

First of all I have to say I love the idea!
My experience in testing and optimisation proved useful here. I have studied this project's code carefully and I see room for optimisation.  There are points where repetition could be reduced with abstraction. Also, I am not fully sure threads are necessary in this implementation. Both of these changes could make the team's life easier with code - and that means less stress and more success. Perhaps this could also affect performance, because one of the early posts in this blog mentioned an issue with threads.



- Looks like we think similar with Michal, because I was thinking of naming the lamp too. We could make it recognise its name, so that people can call the lamp to look at them.
- Allow people to develop and load behaviour into the lamp using a template provided by us. This way a regular programmer / engineer could make the lamp laugh, dance and say hi without  knowing how it operates on the low-level.
- Communication across multiple lamps and speech recognition.  For example, lamps having knowledge of who is who and sharing that. Saying hi to people they recognise. Being able to ask "where is Jerry" and get Response: "Lamp-5 says he is in C32". Communication can work on client-server or peer-to-peer basis. Voice output can be implemented using google's api and then played using regular sound devices.
- Make the bot able to tell a person they work for too long. "It's late already. Jerry, please go to bed".


- 360 vision peripheral. Lamp could be able to detect people behind it.
- Scan and read text aloud.
- If we can get the lamps to recognise objects, we could make them remember where those are or look for them. This may be difficult to do, but prove very practical. We could combine this with communication to build a network of lamps who look for what we want across entire area covered by them.
- If we were to allow the lamp to have lighting functionality, we could sync a number of lamps to shine an area specified by the user.
- I suggest we change the coffee cup to something else, as in uncontrolled public exhibition somebody may be tempted to touch it and this will affect the camera. Unless we nail it in.
- New social-bot project: We could reuse some of the lampbot's technology to create an arm, which whistles and waves at people from a window. For example, first floor of IT building has a very good view at a connection of  paths, which students use every day.

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