Friday, 15 January 2016

Joe Tubbritt Bio

Personal Bio:
Hey guys, my name is Joseph Tubbritt (Call me Joe). I’m 24 years old and in final year of Electronics engineering (BSc4), here at WIT. I am very interested in electronics and the many fields that it applies to. I am very much into martial arts, video games and socialising.
I chose electronics because I always wanted to learn about it from a young age, as I was intrigued by how simple components and chips can be combined to create something mind blowing!

Technical interests:
My main technical interests are in learning how to design, develop and implement both hardware and software. I also enjoy testing and debugging systems. I enjoy applying knowledge that I have acquired throughout my time here in WIT to various projects, mini projects and electronic engineering problems. I also enjoy building circuits, writing software for them (C, VHDL etc).

What you can bring to team:
My third year project on BENGIE was based primarily on the arms, and as such I have extensive knowledge in the operation of servo’s, and I have written many, many lines of code to set position etc. I think this would be an asset to any team as the lampbots use servo’s.
From participating in my work placement in the CTRG in WIT, I have become highly proficient in conducting necessary research for projects, along with characterisation tests and general testing.
For my final year project, I am using an FPGA to perform DSP tasks. I enjoy programming as I find applying a logical thought process to coding highly satisfying. I also enjoy a challenge so when problems arise, I am always determined to identify and correct errors.
Anyone that knows me, knows I am very easy-going and can be pleasant to work with on a team.

Reflections on Lampbotics:
From reading the previous year’s blog entries, the project seems to be very interesting as it takes an ordinary household essentially brings it to life. How many lamps have been sold in shops that can track you and always have eyes!? I think the main focus is to keep the aesthetic of the lamp intact while providing functionality. For example, the fishing line used as a pulley mechanism could be replaced with a servo. However, this servo must not be too large or bulky that it detracts from the appearance of the lamp. Also, the lamp itself could be changed for a more fun design instead of the classic lamp look. An interesting website for innovative table lamp design is:

Ideas for project:
A cool idea would be to have the lamp automatically track and hold position an object i.e. a book, so that it always provides the same amount of light wherever the book is placed. Obviously, this means the book has to be in close proximity to the lamp but it would be an interesting idea.

Another idea is to have the lamp detect writing from a book and perform text-to-speech. So you could place the book on a table and the lamp will read it to you!

Tony Montana: I want what’s coming to me.
Manny Ribera: What’s coming to you, man?
Tony Montana: The world, chico, and everything in it.

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