Friday, 15 January 2016

Intro, Technical Interest, Idea and Improvement on Lampbotic by Siang Wei Lee

Intro on myself
Hi, my name is Siang Wei Lee. I’m come from Malaysia and currently study the final year of Electronics Engineering from WIT. Previously, I had completed my diploma in Electronics Engineering and also done a mini project in this course during the time in Malaysia. As an Electronics engineering student, I guess that is no reason to love those new and amazing technology and these technology are generally made of both hardware and software. This surely inspires me in order to make my own project with the knowledge learnt from the lecture and practical classes and also self-learning. That’s why I chose this. ;-)

Technical Interest and what I can provide to team
I would like learn and make a lot of analysis on both hardware and software that is new for me in this field. Last time I did learn my programming language such as C++, Visual Basic and Assembly Language. The level for my programming part is around basic-intermediate state, but I try to put my effort to provide the team with this knowledge. At the same time, I have developed problem-solving and technical skills very well during the internship in my hometown. I used to be a technical assistant where the job is about to troubleshoot and make reparation on faulty circuit board. A Mal-function circuit board caused by many reasons, for example: defective components, inverse polarity component connection, bad soldering and so on. Well, I have kind of patience to figure where’s the faulty comes from and fix it properly. Besides, my soldering skill is pretty well too as I had worked lots during the reworking of circuit board.

Ideas and Improvement on Lampbotics
I wish to add-on a face detection camera on Lampbotics. This add-on feature will detect the human face instead of relying sensor. A motion sensor might need in order to detect the presence of somebody is moving in the sensing range to turn on the lampbotic. When someone is moving within the sensing range, the lampbotic will then power up and turn on the LED. When sensor is not detecting any motion for a period of time, the Lampbotc will turn off itself in order to save energy and in standby mode to be ready for detecting the motion around the sensing range. Besides, the camera also provide its basic function as well, photo taking and video recording. As we all know, camera becoming one of the important part in our daily life. It allow to capture the valuable moment and also video recording as well. Hand gesture recognition is another add-on feature to do this function. For example, if you raise the left hand the camera will automatically capture the photo with few seconds delay and right hand is for the video recording.

The video below was shown the trailer for the Netatmo Presence Smart Security Camera which I get my inspiration to improve the project.

The video below is talking about the hand gesture feature which the camera follows the presenter and pass to the next slide if he rise his right hand, and to the previous one if he rise the other hand.

Never give up, because you never know how close you are.

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