Friday, 15 January 2016

HENG ZHEN JING (BENG (Hons) Electronics Engineering Y4)

Hi there, I am Heng Zhen Jing, from Malaysia. I am a Year 4 student in Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electronic Engineering at Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). I’ve been transferred directly into Year 3 of this programme from TAR University College in Malaysia which I had studied for 2 years. I have massive interest in Robotics and Electronics stuff partly due to my father. He is an engineer who inspired and guided me in this field since i was small. 

I had successfully created an obstacle avoidance robot car for my final year (DIPLOMA) project in Malaysia by modifying a basic remote control car. The robot car can now avoid hitting any obstacles by using PIC16F877A microcontroller and SK40C PIC microcontroller starter kit as the brain. The codes are written in C Programming Language via MPLAB IDE software.

Besides, I had also improvised a robot car (i-Racer) which is originally controlled by pairing the Bluetooth enabled Android device to the Bluetooth radio on the car, to be able to sense surrounding temperature and capture photos if certain temperature is exceeded with the usage of additional SD Breakout Board, temperature sensor and serial-port camera. The codes are written in C Programming Language via MBED Programming Platform available at 

For work placement, I am fortunate enough to serve as a co-op student in Probe Product Engineering Department in Analog Devices. The working experience have definitely further developed my confidence, and enhanced my interest in electronic field. Together with the other projects, I had acquainted myself with a range of skills that would help me to blend into a good teamwork and further contribute to the lampbotics project.  

From my point of view, lampbotics is a very cool project which is able to catch people attention at one glance. The face recognition and motions added to a dead boring table lamp is able to keep people stay awake and feel more alive when doing some stuff on the table. I believe in future, lampbotic would become an essential tool for everyone. For instance, by having lampbotics, young and energetic student/kid will no longer feel boring studying on the table. This would make the whole learning process becomes alive and effective. Thus, further improvisation is needed to enhance the performance and functionalities of lampbotic.

In term of improvisation, I would suggest adding a sound system. The best is voice recognition system similar to Apple - Siri which can detects our voice and speeches, following by performing specific tasks and operations. We could also add in the USB port / Bluetooth device for some users to listen to their favourite songs while studying or working. This can avoid students from using their phones to listen songs which can ended up browsing social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat for hours and hours, making studying/working ineffective. Besides, clock and timer can be added in as well, to indicate the studying hours, as well as alarm to wake users up after a small nap on the table. Furthermore, I would suggest to make the lampbotic into a portable device where it doesn't have to be connected to the table all the time. Dictionaries can be added as well to enable student in learning new and unfamiliar things. There are still lots of things to be improvised, but these are all I can thought of at this moment. 

My main motto would be: LEARN, FAIL, LEARN , SUCCESS, and REPEAT!

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