Friday, 15 January 2016

Filipe Terra - Bio and reflections on Lampbotics

My name is Filipe Terra, I’m a 23 years old Electronics Engineering student, originally from University of São Paulo (Brazil) and currently in a one year study program in Waterford Institute of Technology (Ireland).

I have been interested in electronics and robotics since my early days: you would better take good care of your toys otherwise I would salvage parts out of them. I also enjoy bird watching, cooking, cheap beer and Corinthians (Brazil’s best football club).

Regarding electronics, I am interested in analog and digital audio, switching power supplies, telemetry and instrumentation, having developed personal or academic projects in those areas. Most of my works, however, are resulting from 4 years in SAE’s Student competitions (Baja and Formula), mostly in telemetry, motion dynamics and data logging. I’m a founder and, nowadays consultant, for EESC USP Tupã, an electric formula racing car team.

I have good prototyping skills for both electrical and mechanical assemblies that could be used in the current Lampbotics project. Personally, I enjoy team work and like to have friends among coworkers.

Last year’s Lampbotics project is pretty cool: an ordinary looking lamp that moves about and interacts with humans using complex features as face recognition, being able to show emotions via an LED “face”. The overall performance of the robot proved to be quite eye-catching, as it resembles a living creature. A robot like this, although not very useful in the industry context, has great educational value for both kids and grownups.

My idea for this year’s robot is to apply robot control techniques such forward transformation matrixes and inverse kinematics to have better control over the motion. This may achieve smoother and more fluid movements, as well as make new motion routines easily programmable.

This approach would reduce the task of controlling the arms to the Cartesian coordinate’s point of view.

My motto is “don’t give up on good dreams”.

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