Friday, 22 January 2016

Applied Embedded OS Team Sprint 1 Plan (Joe, Willy and Ian)

Applied Embedded OS Team Sprint 1 Plan
The list of tasks for the first sprint is as follows:
  •          Installation of OpenCV on the Raspberry Pi
  •          Experiment with OpenCV
  •          Get vision system up and running using OpenCV
  •          Achieve pan and tilt servo movement using Vision system/Raspberry Pi
  •          Decide on sound effects to be used for movement
  •          Incorporate sound effects for both pan and tilt

The tasks will be divided into three weeks. The timeline is as follows:
Week 1:
  •          Achieve installation of OpenCV on Raspberry Pi
  •          Get OpenCV working with vision system

Week 2:
  •          Obtain movement of pan and tilt servo’s
  •          Combine vision systems and servo movement

Week 3:
  •          Incorporate sound effects into servo movements
  •          Debugging of code etc

The tasks are assigned to each member of the team as follows:
  • Joe: Assigned to pan and tilt servo movement programming and testing
  • Willy: Assigned to sound effect finding and implementation
  • Ian: Assigned to OpenCV/detection system

The software class design diagram is below:*&auth=LCA%20065d7d8552c503f012a7403f903e9d3ff49da533-ts%3D1453393954
We hope to achieve all of our objectives by the end of week 3 of the first sprint.

Team Blog#1 Joe, Willy, Ian

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