Monday, 16 March 2015

The Finish Line

OK everybody,

Thank you for the reflections from the last sprints,

Divide the work.
Everybody needs to feel  that they are making a worthwhile contribution.
Work to your strengths.
Small teams
Video, blog as you go.

Sharing of hardware(got another 2 embeds plus 10 cables and 6 power supplies,
Sonar faults(ordered in new ping sonar sensors),
Face tracking issues on roborealm(use open cv),
Setup take down time for single classes, lets look at time table to see if we can create 2 doubles).

Thanks for the ideas, hanging lamps, robots with souls, spine like operation, personality.

So taking all this account here is the proposal for the final sprint.


  • 3 Lamps, 3 Teams, 3 Personalities
  • Each Lamp has the following elements 
    • Build (Lamp with strings, hide servos under base, think puppet :-))
    • Vision (python running OpenCV, track face, track ball, behaviors)
    • Servos(smooth movement, software controlled)
    • Sonars( new ping sensors, implement flight zone 1-2  meters independent of vision)
  • Team #1 Build Cathal, Servos Dee, Vision Sam, Sonar Donal
  • Team #2 Build Peter, Servos David, Vision Sean, Sonar Herve
  • Team # 3 Build Paul, Servos Andreasus(can implement in python), Vision Tony, Sonar Ali 

Design/Build Notes: 
Had a laugh out moment on way home after Thursdays class, between watching/feeling the reaction of the lamp to gentle movements when screws where loosened and springs where allowed to take the load and inspired by our discussion around spine.

The concept of using strings to pull down on lamp arm axis, then when released spring moves the arm came to mind.Very fluid like movement, plus servos hidden from view underneath lamp.

Tried this out on Friday, with some fishing worked a treat...always felt that movement of lamp would be the main stumbling block to a good robot interaction.

Your technical solutions where always going to be good, was afraid that build would let us down..think this puppet type solution utilizing the load carrying characteristics of springs will give us the feel we are looking for.  

Keep Moving Forward Jason

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