Saturday, 14 March 2015

Sprint 2 - Reflection - Seán Doyle

The Team

For this sprint I mainly worked with Peter once again, this time on creating the communication link from Roborealm to the mbed, whilst Hervé and David worked on the theads and mutexs as well as doing some work on the servo motions. 
In the last reflection I made a note of having a lack of communication in the sense that we were not always aware of what was occurring in our two sub groups, but with this sprint we had certainly made an effort to change that. Throughout the three weeks we were kept in the loop of both groups and knew exactly where we were going.
Sadly due to the short run time of these sprints we did not get to further delve into the sonar technology and attempt to do tracking solely with them in place of roborealm. 
Overall the team worked well together with the only main issue this sprint being time constraints.

Moving Forward + Lamp Idea's

Moving forward I believe that we should certainly put more effort into using OpenCV in place of Roborealm. This is due to the issues that Roborealm has with facial tracking if the user has glasses alongside with the fact that Roborealm is Window specific, whereas OpenCV can be run on Linux allowing for a higher performance due to a more lightweight OS.

I personally would prefer not to be involved in the act of building itself, as I much prefer to be involved with the software side of things, but I do have some idea's towards the lamp design. 

When the class as a group was discussing idea's for the lamp design I had an idea for a lamp that wasn't sitting on a desk but rather hanging from a shelf/ceiling. My inspiration for this idea comes from a Robot call GlaDOS from a video game called Portal and upon some research a functional lamp in its image exists already but it could perhaps spawn a new idea:

I do also like the concept Sam put forward for a lamp idea with a "spine" style but using 3 or 4 strings to move the lamp by loosening or contracting the strings and having the head of the lamp on a flexible tube. The tube itself would then allow for conceling of wires and should we decide to go with LED facial features on the bulb of the lamp the wiring would be concealed. The strings would be my only concern as they are exposed. Concept of the lamp(Forgive my artwork):

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