Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sprint 2 Reflection - Samuel Haycock

Team Work

For the second sprint I was in the same team as sprint one, myself, Tony, Donal and Dii. Overall I would say our group worked quite well for the first week of the sprint. There were a lot of elements to the deliverable that our team had not tackled and so it was easy to delegate out the work. By the end of the first week all of the parts were pretty much covered.

The second week is where a small issue arose. The first day there we all had our parts put together and a simple face tracking pan and tilt system was up and running. The issue was that once this part was covered the work that we had to do was nearly entirely software and we only had the one embed. The team consisted of myself and tony tinkering with the code and explaining what we were doing to Dii and Donal. When there was something mechanically required then I attempted to bring them in but I couldn't really think of a solution to the problem.

Week three was no better. The same issues persisted as we had all of the deliverable covered and all our group was doing was trying to advance on the project. This left us with the same scenario of it being a software issue which myself and Tony were covering. The only real solutions to this was if our team had more than one mbed or if the project had more complex elements to divide the work easier.

Personal Reflection

I have been trying to keep an eye on talking over people, especially Tony but it seems that I still have a good bit of work personally on talking over people.

I have found myself taking on what I suppose to be a leadership role. Not in the sense of telling people what to do but rather in the sense of if our team is contemplating what the next step to take is then I tend to stop the hmming and hawing and say a suggested next step for everyone to make and ask if it suites everyone. I did this a few times in both sprints. I wouldn't really call it a leadership role but it will do for lack of a better name.

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